Reaching the Top is Just the Beginning


William Grant, the man behind Glenfiddich, has created a legacy known as the World’s Most Awarded Single Malt Whisky today.

Reflecting on how the business came to be, and how far it has come from its early days, it’s clear to see that five generations of this family have taken inspiration from the founder’s legacy.

Indeed, passion, boldness, and determination are all features that remain at the heart of what Glenfiddich represents till date.

The brand has continued to encourage a way of life to inspire the maverick spirit distilled in every point of engagement with its consumers.

Now, Glenfiddich Where Next is an ideology that explores the uncertainties and mastery, which comes with the journey to growth where reaching the top is just the beginning.

According to the firm as issued in a media release at the weekend, every success story is a tale of struggle and constant adaption; “eventually, we arrive at the top where the only contender is you; to see possibilities in a time of uncertainty and take the step to embrace the unknown.”

As Glenfiddich continues to celebrate and align with exemplary Maverick individuals in Nigeria and across the globe, it strives to bring together all those who have or dream of challenging the norm with the launch of its Where Next Campaign.

In the coming months, it added, we will be unveiling some exceptional Maverick collaborators, and their stories at our Where Next Live series of events tagged the “Chronicles of Mavericks”.

According to Glenfiddich, each series will enable its Maverick collaborators to deliver a powerful statement of embracing the unknown for meaningful growth – thus embodying the Where Next Stag story reflected through their own experiences.

The firm has, however, invited people to check out their page on Instagram for more updates on the #MaverickChroniclesLive sessions