How Tapia is Using Philanthropic Gesture to Contribute to Community Devt


Ugo Aliogo examines how Tapia is transforming lives through philanthropic support

I’m not moved by money or material things anymore like I used to be nine years ago,” Ivan Tapia said when asked what has changed about him in the last decade. “I’m focused on having contribution for people, and adding value to their lives in different forms and ways.

“As a leader in the Latino community, there aren’t many Latinos focusing in the areas I’m focusing on. Not many are looking to be a spokesman of ideals, and helping needed communities in the world on how to develop in the financial, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental areas.

As a millionaire, Tapia has seen it all, going from poverty to riches in a matter of years after finding success via multi-level marketing in the United States and being dedicated at his craft. Now, with success achieved, the scope of his next task is coming into view. “I’m focusing more on the people than myself,” he hinted. “How to add more value to them. Focus more on them achieving their dreams and goals, and you will automatically achieve your dreams and goals.”

After planning to help people from October 2016, he has succeeded in doing so, even exceeding his own projections by far. “Since then we have been blessed to have the opportunity to help over 300 people making over $10,000 per month, and out of those around 20 of them have made over 1 million dollars in these three years,” he noted.

“Now we have a portfolio of 30+ businesses where we have invested money, or we are getting income from every month. We also have donated several hundreds of thousands to different communities to help the needy. As our focus is to keep helping communities, expanding personal development, and developing people into becoming leaders around the world.”