Prof Ben Ayade

This paddy na actor. Shebi me I am always on the lookout for cheap talents to use for my productions? The other day, he was crying that he cannot believe that after five years, that Cross Riverians will still remain poor. He cry o. The next day, he jump on power bike go appoint one very beautiful girl to front one utopian city he dey build. No wonder daddy call am ‘imuk’. The Obong was reported not to have minced words, anyways today we are hearing of ‘Budget of Blush and Bliss’ after last year’s ‘Budget of Olymptomatic’ something. Very colourful and dramatic.

You see why Chief Ayade should come to be cast in one of my plays? In fact, the delivery of the budget was so perfect that the finest stage actor would struggle to meet up. The way he explained the blush and the bliss, I had to check again to make sure I wasn’t watching an episode of the Village Headmaster. I hear that one will soon be brought back by mercurial Wale Adenuga. Anyways my lord, it is not blush or bliss. It’s delivery of very fundamental dividends of democracy to a much-harassed people. Thanks.