I got a call from this elegant lady one night and pension was on her mind. Edgar, do you know that the transfer window will soon be opened and that people can now ‘port’ from one pension fund administrator to the other from Monday? Amaka is my friend and we were in class at LBS together.

She used to be very quiet and patient and her smile was ever present. She grew to lead Fidelity Pensions and I am sure it is her passion for people’s future and their rest of mind that have propelled such a wonderful career.

She said, “The Duke, you have a lot of influence, can you kindly send out this message because the efficiency of the pension industry in respect of returns and payments is very critical to a fulfilled life after service.”
I couldn’t agree more. So, I have agreed to have her on Zoom to discuss this matter squarely o. Me, I am keen because I am a pensioner too.