Group Restructures Around Naija Reality TV Show


Blue Diamond Entertainment, organisers of the Around Naija Reality TV Show, has expressed desire to restructure the show to align with the present-day realities while ensuring that its top-notch quality is intact.

In a statement by the company, a fresh audition is to be conducted online across the country, in line with the ‘new normal’ of social and physical distancing as stipulated in the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) protocols.

The President, Blue Diamond Entertainment Limited, Olumide Adekunbi, said the restructuring came as a result of several factors especially, the turbulent security situation across the country which, in 2018, had necessitated that the management stop and rethink the show.

He said: “We came up with an alternative route, wherein, rather than going around the country, which was the original concept, the show will now take place in one location only.”

He further explained that the show would still have 37 participants from all the regions of the country, as originally designed.

“Although the auditions would have to be done afresh. This means that everyone who is interested in participating in the show, including those who were shortlisted in 2018 and are still interested, will have to send in fresh applications to be considered for the show,” he stated.

Adekunbi noted that “Around Naija” was a reality television show that is different from the norm of reality TV show in Nigeria, while adding that the show is intended to entertain, revive and reinvigorate youth consciousness.

He hinted that the show would rejig the social and cultural codes that have been deeply eroded on a national scale, and encourage local and international tourism.

The statement said the online audition guidelines published on the company’s website and social media pages disclosed that the prizes to be won in the reality TV show include N10 million naira and a brand-new car from Innoson Motors for the first prize, while the second prize would be N5 million naira and the third prize is N2 million naira.

The statement added that the guidelines said that the online auditions for the Around Naija Reality TV Show, billed to start airing daily in the first quarter of 2021, would start on 15 November, 2020 and end on 5 December, 2020.

The statement added that the company called on interested applicants to visit for more information about the show.