How Ward Defeated Adversity to Attain Success


Ugo Aliogo in this report examines how Ward overcame adversity to attain success

In 2017, Jessie Lee Ward was in a dark place in her life. “I was in a huge storm,” she recounted. “I went through a divorce, major betrayals, a termination, two lawsuits, and losing essentially every friend I had. Getting through that and not letting it defeat me was a tremendous part of my success.”

As a person, Jessie is focused on achieving success after a childhood spent in poverty made her desirous of changing her family’s fate. The trigger point came when she needed rent. “I needed $300 a month to pay for my rent, it was really for nothing more,” she said. “It turned into a huge animal of its own but at first it wasn’t about anything more than survival.”

Since getting into the online business and specifying in multi-level marketing and all its key tangents, Jessie has blossomed. She chalked it up to a powerful mind that keeps pushing her towards success. “Mindset is everything. The mindsets to start, continue, grow, change, and have more grit than you ever have quit. Nearly everything runs through having a powerful mindset in who you want to be and who you want to become.”

What she has done is quite sensational. “I have built three multi-million dollar monthly businesses online in the last nine years without any paid advertising,” she hinted. For her, the scale of her success is not to be scoffed at. “I grew up in a small town in Maryland in poverty and have changed the legacy of my entire family from a decision to go toward entrepreneurship.”

Her ambition has not ended as she still has her eyes trained on achieving more success. “I am forever growing,” Jessie posited. “I want to continue to impact the world. I have been utilizing a ton of social media to make that happen. My podcast in general is approaching 1 million downloads with no signs of slowing down.”