From Lawn Cutting to Hardscaping – The Heitmann Story


Ugo Aliogo in this report examines the life of Heitmann from a life of drug abuse to lucrative career

As the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Exigent Design and Build, Brandon Heitmann understands that each client deserves unique financing options based on their budget and needs. Only nine years ago, he struggled with drug abuse and found it difficult to maintain a steady job.

He knew that college wasn’t for him, so at the young age of 18, Heitmann made the decision that would lead him to his life’s passion. With only a push lawn mower, Heitmann began mowing lawns in his neighbourhood for some extra cash, but as he scaled his lawn care business, he realized that he had a greater passion for landscaping.

In the summer of 2017, he began learning more about the hardscaping side of the industry, and after a full summer of incorporating these methods into his business, Heitmann knew he was ready to take his team to the next level.

Nine years after its inception, the company has evolved into a true landscape construction company that offers 3D designs and can construct anything from a simple retaining wall to in-ground pools and spas. There is nothing exterior that Exigent design and build cannot build for you. The team strives to be there for their clients 24/7, even after the crew has cleaned up and left.

With action, persistence, and a winning mindset, Heitmann and his team set themselves far and above any of their competitors. While there are tons of landscaping companies out there, the Exigent difference is the drive and hustle Heitmann leads his team with.

After sitting down with a client during their initial design consultation, the team won’t rest until the client is satisfied with the work done on their property. Heitmann and his team have been known to change the design time and again, until the customer is happy with the results. The Exigent Team continuously works with clients and their unique budgets to create beautiful designs and landscapes for everyone.

Heitmann said that it is important that the client feels they are getting 100% what they want before receiving any money from them. Unlike other companies on the market, Exigent will spend as much time as necessary with a client before ever securing a financial payment from them. With this genuine investment into each client, Heitmann and his team showcase that their clients can put their full trust in Exigent. Taking just one glance at their reviews, this determination and hustle is evident. Their company has a five-star rating on Google, Houzz, and Facebook, as well as a five-figure following base on Instagram.

Looking to the future, Exigent is committed to growing their company and expanding so they can reach more people and build them their dream property. The team is working towards helping 200 contractors become millionaires. To that end, Heitmann has created an online mentorship program where dozens of contractors join him for business advice each week.