Dear Mr. Trump, Who is Now in a Shithole?

At the height of his power as US president, Donald Trump exhibited the worst form of indiscipline the world had seen in an American president. He was embarrassing to watch on the world stage.

His lack of decorum and poor behaviour was bewildering; his foul-mouthed utterances and regular rants, even more perplexing. No tradition or institution was too sacred for him to disrespect. Fellow world leaders were regularly at the receiving end of Trump’s bad uncouth and bad behaviour.

For four years, Trump lived in a bubble, an alternate universe alienating everyone else. He was more interested in building walls rather than building bridges. He had a penchant for banning and separating parents, who wanted a taste of the American dream from their children.

In his arrogance and distasteful language, which became the hallmark of his presidency, Trump once described Nigeria as a shithole country and even went to the extent of issuing visa ban against Nigerians wishing to immigrate to the United States.

Of course, Nigeria was not the only country that suffered humiliating treatment in the hands of his government. Many others were not spared.

In his pompous, insufferable, self-enthralled and vein pursuit of America First, he pulled America, the leader of the free world and the moral force of democracy and civilisation out of international treaties and multilateral agreements that had guaranteed world peace in the last 70 years.

He had come to see himself as invincible. But yesterday, his presidency marked by chaos, indiscipline and arrogance suffered a humiliating defeat by a former vice president, Joe Biden, in the US presidential election, which held on Tuesday. Trump has now joined the unenviable list of one-term presidents.

The question many Nigerians are asking Mr. Trump following the unceremonious end of his presidency is, who is now in a shithole?

Even as he continues to whine about voter fraud, and that he won ‘the legal vote’, he knows in his heart that the end of his presidency is near and struggling to live with the new reality.

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