How President Buhari Ignored my Patriotic and Well- Informed Advice in 2015 Nigerians are Paying Dearly for it Today (Part 2)



This was part 2 of my Sunday Telegraph write up in my weekly column, “THE NIGERIAN PROJECT”, which was published on the 3RD OF MAY, 2015, well before Muhammadu Buhari assumed office as President of Nigeria. It was published in my series, where I had carefully analysed the 2015 Presidential elections and foresaw the dangers ahead. The series were titled, “THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: THE WINNERS AND LOSERS”. Nigerians, be the judge for yourselves, as regard my 2015 predictions, analysis of the then situation, periscoping in to envisaged problems and challenges after the election; and the many solutions which I had painstakingly proffered. Those who have ears, let them hear from some of us patriots, who may not be in government with ‘them’, nor found in their inner circle. This is where they secretly and clandestinely take decisions affecting the individual and collective lives and destinies of 208 million of Nigerians, like witches and wizards gathered in a coven. Now, read on: