Who is after Tunji Olowolafe?


The Chinese say that when an elephant falls, even the ants are quick to come for a bite. That is what is going on among the powers of Lagos State. Since the disheartening Lekki Toll Gate shooting, one public figure after another has been falling from their high stool. Considering the current cloak-and-dagger operations of his adversaries, Tunji Olowolafe is obviously next on the list.

Every resident Lagosian felt the ripples of the Lekki Toll Gate incident, whether small town or bigwig. However, those in the administrative field felt it more than others. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for instance, was more rattled by the event than his business and political colleagues—on account of his affiliation with the Lekki Concession Company (LCC).

Recent suppositions have it that the rattling of Tinubu is not unrelated to the machinations of Tunji Olowolafe.
According to the reports, Tinubu is the chief object of query and dissatisfaction because Tunji Olowolafe set him up. Why? Because Olowolafe is very unhappy with Tinubu. Why? Because of conflicting business interests.

Tunji Olowolafe is renowned for the extensiveness of his political and business connections, as well as the thickness of these associations. Reportedly, he is the proud owner of Deux Projects Limited and LCC. Moreover, it wasn’t so long ago that Olowolafe was hailed as the biggest contractor in Lagos. All these facts are proof of the fact that his business ventures and enterprises are his lifeline. Considering the length of Tinubu’s sickle of alliance and loyalty, he might not even break a sweat touching this sickle to Olowolafe’s lifeline—that is what folks are saying.

It is alleged that Olowolafe is set in his ways to oppose Tinubu, all because the latter does not condone the expansion of Olowolafe’s business interests (especially to have LCC taking over Ikoyi-Lekki Link Bridge). Thus, Olowolafe has got into bed with Babatunde Fashola to defang Tinubu and diminish—if not eradicate—his influence.

Those in the know believe that all this is a backhanded effort to slash Tunji Olowolafe and accelerate his downfall. Needless to say, there are more threatening eyes and intentions at work, and they may just be gunning for Tunji Olowolafe himself, rather than Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu.