Ita-Giwa’s Teary Face Melts Hearts of Stone in Cross River

Ita Giwa

A few days ago, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa shocked the world with a humane act that melted the hearts of some fire-spitting individuals.
That was when she had bravely moved to plead with a group of youths baying to deal with politicians in her home state, Cross River.

Her presence could not have been less apreciated considering the fact that most Cross River’s aristocrats were so scared stiff and unwilling to approach or plead with the raging youths.
But when Ita-Giwa, a former Senior Special Assistant to former President Olusegun Obasanjo on National Assembly, decided to bell the cat, the Governor of the state, Prof. Ben Ayade, also followed suit and offered them the olive branch.
When the news went viral, many were astounded and even wondered the magic she had wrought in the face of death on bended knees.

But as many are still seeking to know how she had successfully pacified the obviously angry youths on that day, those who know her too well recalled that she had done a similar thing in the past and achieved results at the height of the militancy in the Niger Delta.

Also, the woman of substance, who is endowed with grace and charm, is also said to have worked her way into the hearts of her people through her genuine humane gestures over the years.

Indeed, in the area of humanitarian services, she has received a lot of kudos.
For her, service to humanity seems to be a covenant she has entered into with her creator.
She is buoyed by Anatole France’s words: “Without genuine love towards humanity, there is no love for motherland.” To her, giving is like a hobby and she does that effortlessly without blinking her eyes.

Besides, as a bibliophile, she has read a volume of memoirs of great individuals in history who lived exemplary lifestyles. Also in her peregrinations, she has encountered many whose lives have impacted humanity greatly, albeit quietly.
Perhaps, this explains why she has been very supportive of the hoi polloi in the society; she gives without making a noise about it.

Since she left the corridors of power, she has proved to the world that no joy is equal to the joy of serving others.
Her service to her immediate environment is almost unequalled; she expends millions of Naira every year for the education of the less-privileged children she brought out of Bakassi, many of whom school abroad.