ZCPI Africa Launches Investment Project


Zircon Capital Projects Investments, ZCPI Africa, has launched a real estate capital project to enable Nigerians invest and harness opportunities in the nation’s growing real estate sector.

In 2019, the Nigerian real estate sector recorded its fastest growth at 2.36 per cent since 2016. Experts predict more growth by 3 per cent in 2020, thus raising hopes of better opportunities in the sector.

Marketing Director of the firm, Ridwan Onitolo, stated that the new project was thought of to enable stakeholders and Nigerians tap into the immediate and future growth in the sector while also boosting the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, (GDP).

He said the project would also help tackle the challenge of poverty and unemployment, in addition to filling the vacuum of over 17 million housing deficit limiting development in the country.

Onitolo, who provided details at the official launch of the project, stated that ZCPI offerings have been delimited into different plans to suit investors’ interest and budget.

He said, “The co-building plan is launching at N1 million per unit for properties at Surulere, Lekki, Ogba in Lagos State.

“The co-build equity plan offered a 60 per cent Return on Investment (ROI), at the expiration of a one year plan after which an investor can be paid off or rollover the investment plan. This is to say that an investor can be sure of N600,000 ROI on every one million invested at the end of 12 months.

“The Co-owned asset plan is a long-term investment available between five and 10 years. Here, investors enjoy yearly income for as long as the plan reads. Investors have the luxury to subscribe for as many units as possible, for N3 million per unit. With our offerings, our partners can go to rest or focus on other profitable commitments while their investments with ZCPI work and pull additional income for them.”

He mentioned that in addition to juicy ROI, investors are at liberty to inspect and monitor projects.

He added that ZCPI projects have the backing of Aiico Insurance broker and other prominent property managers, which further strengthens clients’ security on investment.

Onitolo also emphasised the company’s commitment to economy upliftment in its 10 years of operations across Africa.

He said, “As a socially responsible company, ZCPI Africa is determined to contribute meaningfully to the lives of Nigerians, as well as Pan-African society through gainful employment opportunities while also eradicating poverty.

“We promise real time value for investment in terms of comfort, reward, fulfillment and opportunities. We equally offer continuous and future development.”