EndSARS Provides Opportunity for National Reconciliation


Noah Dallaji, Founder, African Children Talent Discovery Foundation condemns the massive destruction and looting of both private and public properties that followed the #EndSARS protests across the country

The challenge of nation building as falouts of the recent protests across the country has necesditated a holistic healing and national reconciliation.

This is the position of call a non-governmental organisation, the African Children Talent Discovery Foundation (ACTDF) amidst apoeals to the youths to give peace a chance as basis for addresding their comcerns.

Founder of the oorganisation, Engr. Noah Dallaji noted the deaths and masdive looting and destruction which followed the #EndSARS protest and implication for developmrnt which he described as regrettable.

The statement read in parts:”Folllowing the regrettable deaths, massive destruction and looting of both private and public properties as fallouts of the #EndSARS protest across the country, we are persuaded to make this statement as a public spirited organization to call for an end to further destructive actions by the youths.

“We urgently want them to embrace peace towards a true healing of the wounds and national reconciliation.

“As a non-governmental organization (NGO), the African Children Talent Discovery Foundation is very much concerned about the spate and extent of the recent destructions with threats to national peace, cohesion and stability.

“We speak as genuine patriots with track record of service to humanity to urgently intervene as independent body routing for national reconciliation because we can no longer afford further negative actions threatening disintegration, chaos and breakdown of law and order in the country”.

Dallaji said the ACTDF would also be undergoing fact-finding in the affected areas as part of its efforts towards the healing process. He disclosed that his organisation’s actibities were humanitarian but with collaboration with Niigerian NGOs in the Diadpora.

He further stated:”However, the situation as we can see transcends the call for cessation of horrendous looting, maiming and burning of national assets. We need to do more. For the sake of our dear nation and collective wellbeing and to avoid further damage to lives and property, we, as an independent NGO, would be embarking on physical visitation to the various affected places to interact with our fellow citizens who are adversely affected by the crisis. We need to be better informed beyond the reported cases.

“This is basically a humanitarian endeavour and is in line with our founding vision, which will also help us to meet eye witnesses and hear from them what they saw and experienced and meet with available stakeholders to learn from them and take direct information.

“We would also meet government functionaries, hear and take their proposed action plan and timeframe for delivery and consequently seek approval from the executive to put action on this initiative for the good of all.

“We shall also be engaging with other Nigerians in Diaspora as well as related organizations to combine efforts in assuaging frayed nerves and especially among those who sacrificed so much before, during and after the derailed protests.

“From this humanitarian initiative which is in partnership with other Nigerian NGOs in the Diaspora, it is hoped that we can contribute to genuine process of healing and national reconciliation by making our independent findings available to the various judicial panels already set up across the country and updating international organizations, if need be.”

Dalaji ecpressed the need for a compassionate society ss he also called on the youths to embrace peace since their voices have been heard and concerns under considerstion by the authorities.

“We now need to build a more compassionate people tied to some set of values in societal regeneration and this view remains very relevant now and in the future.

“We reiterate that the voices of our youths have been heard loud and clear as President Muhammadu Buhari stated in his national address and we urge that a genuine healing and national reconciliation should commence without further delay, ” he stated