What happened at Lekki on 20th October 2020, where the army killed and injured many protesters of #ENDSARS is satanic and unacceptable. I am saddened by the losses and equally concerned for the safety of Nigerians as a whole. A life lost can never be regained and I urge us to do all that is possible to prevent more deaths as we continue with the protests until the needed result is achieved.

The ongoing unrest, tension and grief in the country are the results of corruption and bad leadership and we have to work collectively to stop further destruction of our dear country by corrupt leaders, politicians, pastors, Imams, lawyers, judges, and so on. I encourage you to practice mental and physical health this period as it would help release the tension and help you focus. This is also the period for you to get closer to your God for you may die at any time in the course of this struggle.

Awunah Pius Terwase,

Mpape, Abuja