Forum Emphasises Digital Technology in Teaching, Learning


A representative of the board of the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) Senator Abubakar Sadiq Yaradua and the UBEC Project Director, Mr. Umar Iro recently visited the London headquarters of sQuidcard Limited, for a two-day EdTech forum, focused on how digital technology can enhance training, teaching and learning, to transform Nigeria’s basic education.

The forum was hosted by sQuid, which ground-breaking projects around the world include pioneering education technology programmes and large scale cashless payment distribution helping marginalised communities to improve children’s education and family livelihoods.

The stakeholders emphasised on future improvements in learning through available smartphone technologies, how to think differently using technology to create excellence in teaching and learning.
In his remarks, the Chief Executive Officer, sQuidcard Limited, Mr.
Adam Smith harped on its new project working with Nigerian schools, saying that it will help build a better future for thousands of children in over 100 communities.

“Digital tools combined with on-the-ground support will increase engagement in education in often very difficult situations,” he said, adding that the forum offered an opportunity to share visions on how UBEC’s mission can benefit from technology and how the government can strengthen Nigeria’s education system for a better future.

The Managing Director, Umar Abdullahi said the company is committed to partnering key stakeholders to improve education and learning outcomes for teeming school population using the sQuid technology and platform.

UBEC’s representative, Yaradua affirmed that Nigeria is addressing the enormous challenge of how to educate a fast-growing population.

“We recognise the need to embrace proven technology solutions to deliver effective education tools to help our teachers and learners. sQuid’s digital platform is proven and the team has pragmatic experience in Africa. We embrace and welcome partnerships with organisations that bring real, proven solutions and are able to work with us to adapt them to our needs.

“It is most appreciated to be able to spend two days being shown the new parameters of education, with the uptake of cutting-edge technologies and sQuid’s ambition. Both students and teachers, as well as the whole community will benefit greatly thereby creating a stronger and more sustainable future for all.”

On his part, Iro noted that the crisis in education caused by COVID-19 has shown the importance of ensuring that schools can benefit from the most up-to-date technologies.

“Whether it’s an attendance register or teacher training or payment systems, sQuid’s EdTech will be of great benefit to thousands,” he said.