Courtney Yeager Launches Detox Technique in US Cities


Detox is a technique that utilizes knowledge of proven bological processes Ugo Aliogo writes

Courtney Yeager has always been a hustler and a dreamer, but her foray into the health and wellness industry wasn’t motivated by a mere desire for success. “There was a major need in the market for a go-to lymphatic health destination. It is highly underrated and under-studied,” she explained. “It’s my duty to bring lymphatic health awareness to the masses.”

As the owner of her own fitness studio, Yeager is no stranger to solving problems within the health and wellness market. Her million-dollar product, Barresocks, was created after she recognized an opportunity previously unmet by sock brands in the industry. Thus, after seeing a need in the lymphatic niche, Courtney once again set out to create a product that would help consumers and create opportunities for women in business.

Yeager developed The Tox, a technique that utilizes knowledge of proven beneficial biological processes to produce the highly sought-after results of detoxification and a slimmer appearance. “It is part of our immune system and plays a major role in optimal health,” she hinted. “I set out to create a massage technique that detoxifies your body, while ridding your body of excess water retention. After much research and study, I found that my technique not only detoxified your body, but had a major, long-lasting aesthetic result, leaving you slimmer in a one hour session.”

Today, The Tox is located in three major cities, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. However, Courtney says this is only the beginning of her business journey. “The Tox has major expansion plans, expanding to 10 additional cities by 2021,” she recounted. “We also have a lymphatic health product line launching in the next two month.”

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