Stop Vandalising Public, Private Property, Okonkwo Urges Youth


A youth empowerment campaigner Hon. Uche Annie-Okonkwo has appealed to Nigerian youths to reign in their anger and halt further destruction of public and private assets in their rage against systemic insensitivity of the Nigerian state actors.

According to Annie-Okonkwo; “the message has been delivered and the essence is indelible, we should now conserve our heroism into a shinning legacy by stopping all further destructions immediately. It’s important we act swiftly and deny our mockers a morsel to hang their teeth and chew in usual cynicism that the youths are not ready” advised the “Lets Get Empowered Initiative” convener.

A statement signed by Collins Steve Ugwu , Executive Director Let’s Get Empowered Initiative quoted Uche Annie-Okonkwo as saying that, “Our youths having discovered their mantle of what we call in Igbo language “Igwebuike” meaning unity in strength, from this historic #EndSARS crusade, must now use that strength to supervise a check and balance structure, that will make the creators of what we fought against, shiver in shame that there will now be consequences.”
He said : “The path of wisdom demand the courage we have proven, that our frustrations can indeed midwife leadership where failure prevailed, protect where rip off is norm and rise where deception has been the only game.

“In my Anambra State in particular, as every other one really, I call on our youths to remember that more than seventy percent of our assets in security, infrastructure and entrepreneurship are community sourced or privately financed. So an attack on them is an attack on ourselves, our dependents and our critical bread of sustenance. We must deescalate the tensions to consolidate our force for change, because every ounce of energy we share, has great value for the works that lie ahead.

“The youths should begin to assume higher roles in leadership and governance as a duty, no longer bystanders and errand runners. You should continue to provide and expand the community protection backbone in all our communities, constantly self improve, and be willing to work as we match to liberate our potentials for good without apologies.”