Look, before you begin to build a second career in apology, let me tell you very categorically that this particular apology has not and will never be accepted.

We no gree. In fact, we have sent messages to your GO, Pastor Adeboye, to ex-communicate you from that church if you could be a pastor and be seeing all that is happening and all you can do is to apologise. Mbok, how will this apology bring back the lives and property lost in this inferno. As my mother will say, for how long will you keep apologizing without doing the right thing. This was just a peaceful protest at least at the beginning.

The very simplest methods of engagement could have avoided all the carnage but instead you in particular was busy doing Zoom up and down talking at some irrelevant platforms all over the place instead of engaging your principal frontally on the need to stave off the impending armageddon. You cannot tell me that with 40m unemployed youths and a large swath of illiterates in the system that the whole process would not be hijacked.

They have said, why am I always on your matter, why am I always pushing for your resignation? It is simple. it’s because you have claimed a moral authority the rest have not. You have said you are a pastor and as such must be held on a different ethos.

You cannot sit down and be watching this level of human degradation going on all over the country and affecting everybody – northerners, southerners, Christians, muslims, poor people, rich people – every body and you will just be apologizing. Na apology we go chop? Please, do the right thing, abeg. We need to heal. Nigeria needs to be whole again. We must be united and regain our greatness and to do this you must make the ultimate sacrifice by leaving. Simple.