Novare Mall Calls for Restraints, Condemns Attack on Facility


The management of Novare Mall has condemned the recent attack on its facility and appealed for restraint, stating that all forms of attacks on the mall are counterproductive.

A statement by the Head, Legal, Chineme Onuoma, said the recent attack on Novare’s facility had an enormous economic impact on Nigerian citizens, tenants, the staff working in the various shops, “the pensioners whose monthly pension contribution was used to build the mall and other stakeholders.”

The statement also noted that an attack on the mall devastates Nigerian businesses and livelihoods as the shops themselves are owned and run by Nigerians.

The statement remarked that Novare employs well over 5,000 Nigerians through direct and indirect employment with the intention of supporting and expanding retail businesses, while enhancing the livelihood of the local communities and small businesses and shop owners.

According to the statement: “In line with this sublime intention, Novare has remained in the forefront of supporting Nigerian businesses and during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic was the only retail mall to grant the tenants four months’ rent-free period to support their business and ensure they do not sink under the pandemic, and that jobs are preserved. It also made significant donations of food and personal protective equipment during these trying times.”