MOJEC Committed to Transformation of Energy Sector, Says MD


The MD/CEO of MOJEC International, Ms Chantelle Abdul, has reiterated the firm’s commitment in solving issues around metering since its inception.

Speaking during a courtesy visit by a delegation from the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ms Abdul said MOJEC wants to partner with the state government in ensuring the transformation of the energy sector, closing the metering gap and providing affordable meters to electricity consumers.

According to her, “Lagos State stands as the state that contributes the most to the national GDP, and as such, any solutions to a nationwide problem should be coming out of Lagos. I couldn’t be happier that you have owned and pioneered providing solutions to the challenges affecting the metering segment of the energy sector.

“I am excited the government is having discussions with us to bridge the metering gap through local manufacturers as opposed to completely relying on importation. Importing meters into the country will not close the gap as fast as everyone thinks and this is because procurement is not the issue but the manpower and other factors that go into getting these meters on the walls of the end users.

“Therefore, in our engagement with the government, we continue to let them know that manufacturers are available in the country and we are able to produce these meters to the quantum of the immediate need of the country.”

Also speaking, the leader of the delegation and Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Olalere Odusote, congratulated MOJEC on its strides and the accolades it has been receiving.

Odusote said: “What I have seen here is interesting, it is very impressive for us. We like the fact that there is a local company that is looking at helping us to solve our local problems rather than trying to import our way out of the problem.”

While speaking on the next step for the Lagos Smart Meter hackathon winners, he stated that their meter prototypes will be refined after which a few meters will be produced for testing, adding that the next phase after that will be to engage meter manufacturers on how the IP can be leased to them for mass production.

MOJEC’s commitment to close the metering gap was further reiterated recently with the sponsorship of the Lagos Smart Meter Hackathon, an initiative of the Lagos State Government, created to leverage the availability of local talents in Nigeria to develop and produce affordable smart electricity meters for consumers.

Aside from closing the meter gap, this will also help in reducing revenue losses and ultimately improve last-mile electricity supply.

MOJEC International is the largest meter manufacturer in Nigeria. As a leading indigenous manufacturer and contractor to power utilities in Nigeria and across the western hemisphere, MOJEC has an installed production capacity of up to four million meters annually.

Presently, MOJEC remains at the forefront of metering technology and boasts over 60 per cent market penetration rate in the Nigerian electricity market with over nine out of 11 of the utilities as clients.

“With ambitious future plans for growth, we aim to further entrench our leadership in the Nigerian power sector through research and development, training in human capital and investment in infrastructure, our people, products and processes,” Abdul said.