Collapsed School Building: Parents Rally Support for Excel College


Parents of students of Excel College, Ejigbo, have pledged their commitment to rebuilding the collapsed structure in the school soon.

Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school, Mr. Ndubuisi Udeagu, declared the resolve by the parents to support plans by the management to ensure continuation of academic classes and a rebuilding process when approval was received from the government.

“As major stakeholders, we are quite mindful of the implications of the sad development, especially coming a few days before the resumption of schools after a long break due to COVID-19 pandemic. We have no doubt in the capability of the Founders and management of the school to handle the challenges arising from the painful incident, especially in ensuring continuity of the Excel College unparalleled and enviable academic and moral standards,” he said.

During a meeting of Excel College management and Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) recently, parents rallied financial and material support towards rebuilding the school. Mr. Udeagu, said: “The school is putting in the right efforts to make sure that the interests of the management and parents are protected. The Lagos State Government responded quickly and we are looking up to them for direction on the next thing to do. We know they are going to do the right thing for the sake of the students especially at this crucial time because some of them are writing their final exams and some are writing promotional exams to senior class. So, we expect the Lagos State Government to hasten their investigation and tell us the next thing that we must do.”

Louis-Oga Stella, a parent said: “My kids used to be in other schools but I brought them here and I’ve seen the impact on them. Excel College built confidence in kids and I don’t have to worry about them academically. “I wish I could single-handedly rebuild the structure and collect my money later. I strongly feel the government should come in and help and also the banks can help. The school has about 75 teachers and they received their salaries all through the COVID-19 break. The school has a lot to offer, that’s just the truth.”
Another parent, Mrs. Olubukola Olusina pledged to donate science equipment worth thousands of naira for the school laboratory.

Reacting to the development, the first registered student of the school back in 1995, Titilayo Biala said: “When I learnt of the building collapse, it was very emotional because no one expected that such a thing would happen. Especially knowing that the founders are definitely not careless people and no sense of carelessness involved – it was a mishap regardless. But we are thankful that it did not claim any lives despite the extent of the damage. It was painful and emotional but when you have a choice between life and property, life is still more important. When you think about it from that perspective, it is easier to handle and take in.”
Interestingly, the donations from parents were totally unexpected by the school management according to the director, Bamidele Oke.

He added: “The parents themselves started it on the spur of the moment donations. It was a surprise to us. So, we would evaluate how much they’ve made. It wasn’t in the original plan for the meeting. And from what I heard, it was about a few million Naira raised on the spot.’
He thanked the parents for the prayers and support, saying, “we hope to build a better Excel College.”