The Nigerian spirit is one that is palpable in every Nigerian anywhere around the world. As long as you are born Nigerian you have that spirit. I see that spirit in my nephews born in the UK and I see their spirit to be excellent and be the best in everything they do.

I don’t think enough scientific research has been done into the Nigerian spirit. I think there is need to do a proper genome sequencing on what makes up the can-do spirit and resilient streak of Nigerian because I also see that trait in mixed race Nigerians and it is evidently an important mechanism for their outstanding success. If you check through the diaspora communities the success rate of Nigerians is quite high. Not all Nigerians are fraudulent, they are one of the most educated Diaspora communities in America. Hence when President Trump said some nasty things about Nigerians he was just afraid of the Nigerian spirit. In fact when he finally set up his economic advisory council a Nigerian, Adebayo Ogunlesi was there, the man that once owned Gatwick Airport in England.

It is important to check through every sphere of endeavor, you will find Nigerians everywhere doing great – from sports to the academia.

I recently celebrated how the sport of UFC has been dominated by two Nigerians most notably Israel Adesanya. The arts and literary scene has been dominated by Nigerians from Wole Soyinka to Njidika Akunyili Crosby. Many doctors in the NHS in England are Nigerians and most foreign university lecturers are Nigerians. The can-do spirit has permeated religion and other aspects of life.

Recently after taking his genome sequence the popular preacher TD Jakes said he was Nigerian and I was not surprised over the years. I had seen that Nigerian oomph and swagger in him, just like I saw in Wesley Snipes and the list goes on.

I think the true strength of Nigeria is Nigerians as a people, their can-do spirit and their go- getting optimism is worth celebrating. In fact the people run their economy despite a leadership problem. The diaspora put in 25 billion dollars into the economy every year which is a sizeable part of our worth as a nation

That is why I call for an in-depth study on the genetic make-up of a Nigerian and I want those traits that make us resilient and unique to be identified. I don’t believe it is a wasted scientific expedition but I believe there is something unusual about the Nigerian gene; just maybe that’s why we thrived during COVID-19. I want our universities to take up these challenges and confirm or deny my hypothesis that the Nigerian spirit – the can-do Nigerian spirit is genetic.

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