Blue Band Unveils ‘Spreading Smiles’ Initiative


Nume Ekeghe

Blue Band, a consumer brand, has announced an additional response to the economic disruption posed by Covid-19 through its ‘Spreading Smiles’ Twin Tub Pack Campaign with up to N5,000,000 cash rewards for consumers.

The new initiative involves the participation of Blue Band consumers, offering them an opportunity to nominate a family in need, to receive financial rewards up to N50, 000.

For every Twin Tub Pack of 250g, 450g or 900g purchased, consumers are to win instant gifts and also get the chance to nominate a disadvantaged family that they believe would greatly benefit from financial assistance using a code provided on the Twin Tub Pack.

At the end of the promo period, 100 disadvantaged families across Nigeria would have benefited from the cash relief which would go a long way in aiding the nourishment and wellbeing of their children and families.

Speaking about the campaign, Upfield Head of Marketing West Africa, Francis Afoani said: “We are deeply concerned about families and children who are vulnerable to the economic and health impact brought on by Covid-19. As a food company, we recognise our heightened responsibility during this pandemic to provide solutions that support disadvantaged families while ensuring our nutritious, quality foods are consistently available to our consumers.

“We are positive that this initiative will further demonstrate our commitment to help parents grow healthy and happy kids.”
The Blue Band Twin Tub Pack can be purchased at selected Modern Trade stores and neighbourhood supermarkets across key cities in Nigeria.

The pack would be easily identifiable by consumers in the spreads section of the stores by the iconic bright yellow, blue and red colours of the Blue Band brand.

According to the Brand Manager, Blue Band Nigeria, Titilope Reju, “We thought it was important to involve our consumers in this impactful initiative as we know they are also concerned about families, friends and loved ones who have been impacted by the pandemic.

“We stand as one with every family who has been impacted during the pandemic and need support to care for their kids. We are therefore challenging our consumers and presenting them with an opportunity to make a difference and ultimately be part of promoting the ‘Spreading Smiles’ campaign.”