Bagudu: Buhari’s Leadership Style has Begun to Bear Fruit


By Onuminya Innocent in Sokoto

Governor of Kebbi State, Senator Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s policies and style of leadership have begun to bear the desired fruit for the country.

The governor expressed delight that the policies, as well as the modus operandi of Buhari in running the country have put the nation on a more formidable economic footing.

According to Bagudu, the investment drive of the president in the rice value chain within the last few years is also bearing fruits for Nigeria’s economy.

Bagudu in company with his Jigawa State counterpart, Muhammed Abubakar Badaru, made the assertion on Sunday, while on a visit to a private rice mill in Kamba, Dandi Local Government Area of Kebbi State, owned by a business mogul, Alhaji Sahabi Lolo.

He said: ”What you saw here today is one of the so many that have come up in the last few years under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

“President Muhammadu Buhari coined the adage ‘let us grow what we can eat and let us eat what we grow’ and now we are seeing Nigerians processing what we produce.”

He further pointed out that even with the flood incidence that had ravaged many areas, prices of food items have started nosediving.

Bagudu also expressed delight that more people are hugely investing in the agricultural sector.

He noted: ”Private money from the small scale farmer, to the small scale fisherman and animal husbandry, people are putting more money into agriculture.”

The governor commended Alhaji Lolo, an indigenous investor, for believing in the policies put in place by President Buhari.

He added that this was by boldly putting up the rice mill in Kamba, Kebbi State, as such, boosting the favourable economic landscape in the state.

He also extolled his Jigawa State counterpart, Alhaji Badaru, as someone who is in the forefront of industrialization, describing him as, a “man with extensive contact and knowledge in different countries of the world”.

Earlier, Governor Badaru said he was in Lolo rice mill Kamba, which has the capacity to produce 160 tonnes of paddy per day, to encourage private investment as one of the policy thrust of President Buhari.

He also commended Governor Bagudu for supporting investors to thrive in the state, as well as commended Lolo for putting his money and trust into Buhari’s initiative.