Tope Olamipo: How N25, 000 made me a Landowner


Mary Nnah

Driven by the desire to keep it promise, increase its land bank, expand its client base and offer excellent services and affordable housing products with the singular mission to exceed expectations, Adron Homes and Properties Limited has continued to secure suitable, affordable housing for everyone, irrespective of their income level, social class, and all else. One of such beneficiaries of this scheme is Mrs.Tope Olamipo, a certified architect.

Recalling her ordeals before she came in contact with Adron Homes, Olamipo said, “Shortly after my husband and I moved into a beautiful house we had just rented on the Island, the pretty house we had seen made life miserable for us. It was after we moved in that we realised the house wasn’t built on a dry land -water coming in at every drop of rain left, right and center. It got really bad that I started to think of the next steps as soon as I moved in.”

When asked how an architect couldn’t have noticed it wasn’t a dry land in the beginning, she said: “The truth is, when accommodation issues hit you, it hits like a speeding train. The pain alone can take away any joy you ever had for the day. I would get back from work, exhausted and I would have a task of clearing water constantly, it became irritating and frustrating. The landlord didn’t tell us the situation of the house of course, nobody did. We didn’t realise it during house hunting and the house was well planted at the centre of the island, perfectly painted and beautiful, who would have thought.”

Nevertheless, Olamipo and her family couldn’t continue with the discomfort. “We requested for fifty percent of our rent of N1.8 million but we didn’t get a penny. It was worse because we just had a baby and that alone was sickening. We couldn’t really sleep with our eyes closed. My husband and I tried everything and I mean everything to sue the landlord but to no avail”, recalled one of their toughest moment.

And the luck shined on them when the husband traveled down to see a friend.

“My hatband’s friend was so sure we would get a land to build the home we desire from Adron Homes. I actually didn’t believe it and I told myself it would be a miracle if it actually worked”, added.

At the time, she said Adron Homes was offering 40% discounts off lands and properties, adding, “And guess what, we got our own property in less than three months with just an initial deposit of N25, 000 only. That was how we started developing the land and got rid of that unbearable landlord”, she added.

Speaking further on how her family has been favoured by God through Adron Home, she said, “Sometimes I think about my journey on housing issues and can’t believe I am a landowner. It all seems pretty overwhelming, I know I am an architect and it feels like I already have a 9-5, but Adron Homes gave me another income idea, I didn’t only get a land, I also got empowered to start a business. Now I have a salon that gives me that extra income that I need all these because I got a hair dryer with just paying N25, 000 for Land.”

Over the years, We have heard countless stories of land deeds gone wrong, people buying lands that are already owned by other people and also sold at ridiculous prices or just for a certain social class. However, Adron Homes and Properties has established itself as the number one real estate company having successfully built an avenue for land and property ownership for the mass market by introducing its “60/60 Empowering Everyone Promo”, the promo is solely aimed at offering deep discounts combined with gift items, and diverse small business startup kits to reward and support its customers both new and existing.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy these benefits by subscribing to any of Adron Homes Estate with as low as N25, 000 initial deposit.