Firm Set to Dominate Mobile App Taxi Market


Mary Nnah

A firm known as RideOntrac Limited is set to dominate the lucrative Mobile App Taxi Hailing market.

RideOntrac’s promoters said they are set to launch their own APP as an alternative, to ease the pains of Nigerian taxi drivers.

Speaking to journalists, the product’s Managing Director, Aisha Bello described RideOntrac as a new concept in taxi hailing where the driver pays only N2, 000 a month to do as many trips as they wish.

The company, according to Bello, has already launched the app in Lagos and Abuja and is set to go nationwide by mid-October, explaining that the app “RideOntrac” is available for free on Google’s play store and can be downloaded and used for free from now till October 15 as part of the Independence Day promo.

Bello cited the hardship that foreign operators put Nigerians through as the main drive for the RideOntracinnovation, adding that the app also features a secure and reliable means to use the popular green taxis in Abuja known as ‘Along’.

Commenting on the recent protests by some cab hailing drivers in Abuja, Chairman of RideOntrac Limited, Engr Emeka Ken Nwabueze called on taxi hailing companies to find ways to reduce the huge burden placed on these drivers.

He said: “I know of drivers that have been put out of work because the taxi hailing company is collecting 25 to 30 per cent and leaving the drivers with nothing to maintain their vehicles with.”

Asked how RideOntrac would achieve the rescue mission, Nwabueze, who revealed that an IOS version for iphone users would be available soon, said that “it is already working in Lagos and Abuja, so the rescue mission is achievable”.