4Runner Global Logistics Calls for Innovative, Improved Roads to Lagos Ports


Rebecca Ejifoma

A foremost logistic firm in the country, 4Runner Global Services Ltd, has called for innovative and systematic approach to fixing the roads in and out of the Lagos ports for improved and fast service deliveries across the country.

The firm made this known through its Chairman, Mr. Femi Dada during a networking and strategy session with stakeholders in Lagos State seven months after COVID-19 shook the logistics sector among others.

Speaking to newsmen, Dada admitted that COVID-19 affected virtually all sectors in the economy in the world, logistics is also affected.

“There are so many shipments that cannot be moved due to the nature of goods they are. The government needs to do more in terms of shipping and transporting the goods to the destination,” he implored.

According to the chairman, the government had declared that within 24 hours one can clear one’s container but those agencies from port to road frustrate logistics’ efforts.

He emphasised, “A job we are meant to clear in a day or two we end up clearing such in four to five days or two to three weeks. And the storage in the shipping terminal keeps counting everyday.

The road is so bad, he lamented. It has been bad for years. if you take a container out of the port you are expected to return it that 24 hours.

The logistic expert bemoaned that some of the trucks stay on queue for more than 30 days. “If they want to bribe their way they will be paying N20,000 to N30,000 to all the agencies present on the road to get a fast track road.”

However, Dada noted that if “you want to go through the normal route, you have to stay like 25 to 30 days before you can get back to the port. And the port services charges you for returning their container late”.

While stressing that there is a whole lot they still need the government to do, he urged them to fix the road if they intend to as it would avoid congesting port roads.

“Lagos port roads should be the government’s priority. And the issue of port thugs should be addressed, too. The roads and ports are not secure.”

Now, as the world continues to deploy technology for their daily businesses, 4Runner Global Logistics Services Ltd has joined the bandwagon with its ecommerce business coming up in two weeks time.

“COVID-19 has really shaped a lot of businesses and it has really opened eyes to see that you don’t need to be in your business place or office to get your business done.

The logistic firm is upgrading its websites. “Our ecommerce business is coming up in the next two weeks and also we have our websites 4Runnerglobalservices.org where you can seek quotes for any shipment around the world. We have an integrity to protect. You are safe.

As a procurement company spreading its strength in custom clearing, procurement, exports and import from across the world, 4Runner Global Logistics Services preaches quality service, speed, on-time delivery and trust.

The Supply Chain Consultant, Mr. Folly Francis, said, “We are young vibrant guys in this firm. My background is from the oil and gas, and oil and gas in Nigeria is all about speed and quality service. That is what we preach”.

However, he bemoaned that the port environment today is though bad, it can be improved vastly. “We can improve it. We need to learn from the Western world.

“If you compare Nigeria to the Western world, we are like 100 years behind even common Benin Republic. Everything is done systematically.”

First of all, logistic is all about movement of things from point A to point B, but movement from Point A to Point B, taking the ports into consideration, you have so many hindrances.

Chorusing the words of the chairman, Folly said access into Apapa is difficult. “You might take like two days to where you can access within couple of minutes. Once you get the roads done, you can get free access.”

He, therefore, called for innovative approach front he side of the government. In the western world, if you go into their ports, they use trains to move things out of the port to avoid congestion but here in Nigeria, how many years now.

Part of his suggestions span on the lingering use of roads till date. “We need to move away from the usual and think outside the box and do something to ease life for people because the port generates millions of Dollars.

“The roads in and out of Apapa must be fixed. we need to look for alternatives how they can access Apapa. If you are not doing the rails, how about the sea? How can we move things from Lagos to a nearby location on water whereby you can now move them out. Other countries are doing it.

On his part, the Managing Director of 4Runner Global Services Ltd, Mr. Babatunde Atoyebi reaffirmed the company’s commitment to exceptional services.

“4Runner provides quality local clearing based on air, land and sea. With the network we have built over time with appropriate government agencies and personnel, we guarantee you service delivery in record time while also bearing in mind industry friendly pricing.

“Our Customs’ Brokers desk help ease import and export regulations and paperwork for all of your shipments by handling all the trade compliance and procedures.

Its team consists of highly trained and sought after individuals whose expertise cuts across procurement, quality management, HSE, HR administration, supply chain management, project management and IT among others.