Nightlife King, Lascatter, Denies Child Abuse, Sexual Assault Allegations by Wife

Lascatter and the wife

Popular Nightlife King, Temidayo Lucky Kafaru alias Lascatter, has denied the sexual allegations levelled against him by his estranged wife, Diana Logico, and her mother Edwina. They had accused him of raping his house help, who is a minor as well as molesting his son.

In a statement, Lascatter said that the accusations were false, defamatory, malicious, concocted and totally made-up with no iota of truth.

He described the report making the rounds as a tissue of lies carefully drafted to dent his reputation by Diana who is also known as Ododo Yankee Dudu.

“To set the record straight, I am a man known for a long history of integrity and excellence. I have never been accused or caught in any undignified acts despite being constantly in the entertainment spotlight. It is not only ridiculous but pure wickedness to frame me up in baseless accusations of sexual molestation against my son and sexual relationship with my house help,” he said.

He added that his son was the most precious gift to him and would give anything to ensure his son’s happiness.

“I am a proud father and becoming a father was the best thing that I did with my life. Dragging my beloved son to social media is really barbaric and heartless by my estranged wife.”

Lascatter, who described his marriage to Diana as doomed, alleged that he became the public enemy number one of his wife and his mother-in-law when their gold-digging mission to wreck his finances backfired.

He maintained that the allegations were simply a result of frustration and anger from his accusers.