What is happening to Christians in Nigeria today looks surrealistically like events from the Old Testament of the Bible. Imagine the finality of that “I Can’t Help It” talk of “killing in Nigeria is a cultural thing.” Thus, no sitting government should intervene to stop these massacres because it is, well, rude and insensitive to trample on the norms of the citizens’ cultural affiliations. Targeted killing of Christians also come with the “fringe benefit” of snatching Christian ladies away for sexual exploitation.

Both of these events also look surrealistically like acts from the Dark Ages. However, by the onset of the Dark Ages, Jesus Christ had been around to reform the ways of mankind and to show the light to true redemption. Why, then, should anyone menace a follower of Christ? It is the answer to troubling questions like this one that is ensuring that people are turning against the religion of their parents. Who hasn’t heard that, in Iran for instance, young and educated people are converting to Christianity in secret? The line of thinking is that doing terrorism against Christians is evidence of self-doubt in you when your philosophy is pitted against that of the Christians. Shedding blood and doing sex diminishes mankind’s claim to true spirituality; that is why Christian monks are sequestered from worldly societies where they pray on behalf of mankind. Israel and America, and now Russia, are solid proofs of where the love of God lies.

The Bible says blessed is he who blesses Israel and curse unto him who curseth Israel. At the present time, nations who seek this blessing are normalising diplomatic ties with Israel and President Donald Trump of the US is scheduled for loads of Nobel Peace prizes for his efforts in this regard. Who would imagine that core Muslim climes like Kosovo, the UAE, and Bahrain will recognise and make peace with Israel? We hear that a couple of Muslim “big-fish” nations are on queue. The terrorists of Nigeria should not be surprised to hear that Saudi Arabia also seeks that blessing.

Sunday Adole Jonah,

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State