Gtext Homes launches Jasper Gardener Estate, Ibeju Lekki


Lagos Based Real Estate giant, GText Homes has just launched its new estate, Jasper Gardener Estate at Ibeju Lekki which is apparently close to La Capagne Tropicana, the Dangote refinery and the Free Trade Zone.

Speaking to Stephen Akintayo, the company’s CEO, he shares, ‘ When we decided to go into building houses, we decided not to do it the way others have done, the world is changing and everybody is going green. We want to make a statement in this country because we are not only talking about building clean homes, we want to start smart homes where people can open their doors with their phones, and it is automated. These are actually a home of the future and we hope to be the largest green estate developer in Africa. Between now and the year 2035, we will build 200 of such houses and our goal is to build 25000 green and smart homes.’

Akintayo further stated that a unique attribute about the New Estate is that it is not just a smart home where you can put on your light, television with your phone, it is also a green home which means it is energy sufficiency and eco-friendly.

Adeyemi Adeniyi, Jasper Gardener Project Contractor also added that it is a project put together to enhance luxury living and the benefits of green housing in Nigeria and Africa. Shedding more light he explains, ‘The whole concept is to have the estate surrounded with plants that will generate electricity. Also, there will be pumped water for the residence to be able to breathe fresh air. The housing units have been structured to be affordable and the unique aspect of the house is that it is a green house.‘