Zeelicious Food Gains Ground in Nigeria’s Food Market

Winfred Emmanuel

For many internet users, surfing to find solutions to their culinary needs, Zeelicious Foods, readily comes to mind. One of the fastest growing name in the niche, the brain behind the venture, Winfred Emmanuel says the success is attributable to not only hard work but the unique manner they deliver their content. According to her, she and her team, always have ‘value’ in mind whenever they deliver their recipes or tutorials to their audiences, with a global scope.

She says: “I would say what makes my brand unique is the fact that I put my personality into what I do. I take people step-by-step on how to cook. If you have never entered the kitchen before and you want to learn how to cook, you can watch my video and successfully make the dish you want to make, so I take you to the value I have had from the very beginning. It’s not about putting the content out there, for me, it’s about adding value to the audience who would watch; another way I stay relevant is I am very consistent with my video creation. I upload a video every Saturday so my audience knows when to expect a video from me; and whenever I am creating, I add creativity to it. I simplify it and add a creative touch to it. Being in the culinary work requires that you also have other professionals you work with. For example, you need a professional crew with copy writers who can actualize your dream.”

For Winfred, professionalism makes the huge difference between her and other competitors. “Before we shoot a video, there is something called pre-production plan, where we draw the story board. First of all, I decide the recipe, then I have a meeting with the production crew and we go through the recipe and ensure each step Is well captured. After this, we draw the story board which guides us through shooting.”

While consolidating on her grip amongst internet users, Winfred is also reaching out to audiences on TV. “Venturing into TV”, she explains, “was part of the strategy to have a wider audience. Some people don’t have access to the online platform because of data but they have TVs. It’s a totally different audience so I needed to go into it. Nature had a way of bringing someone my way who loved what I was doing. The person had the network with the TV stations and she was able to take the content to TV.”