NCAA Directs Airlines to Board Passengers without QR Codes

Musa Nuhu

Chinedu Eze
The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, (NCAA) has directed airlines to allow passengers without QR codes to board flights in order to ease the difficulties travellers face trying to access government portal to upload information.

QR codes refer to the popularly known 2D barcodes, which people use to scan and send their information through smartphone to the concerned authorities.

In a letter dated 8th September, 2020 signed by Musa Nuhu, Director General, NCAA, the agency said, “Airlines are hereby notified that the presentation of evidence of payment receipt in the form of a QR code is recommended for all passengers but not a mandatory requirement for boarding flights to Nigeria for now.

“Airlines are advised to allow passengers without a QR code to board as a temporary measure until additional on-going work to the payment platform is completed. Airlines will be informed in the coming days of any changes in this requirement.

“Please note that presentation of negative COVID-19 PCR test valid within 96 hours of boarding remains mandatory for all passengers travelling to Nigeria. Airlines must ensure compliance with this requirement.

“Flying passengers that do not have negative COVID-19 PCR tests to Nigeria will attract a penalty of $3,500 per passenger.