Femi Gbajabiamila and

Oga please do not go and be drinking tea and get carried away o. Please be focused and tell them the hard truth. These Ghana people have touched a raw nerve. Even they are now trying Nigerians. See how much we have fallen that our speaker had to fly to their tiny country to do what? Buhari should have summoned their president and asked him to meet with the chairman of the Ibeju Lekki Local Government because that is the size of their economy to give him very strict warnings.

Is it not this same Ghana that used to cry when OBJ lock the land borders? Today, because we are ‘shaming’ ourselves globally. They too want to stand up and be maltreating our people. I have written about this very recently and will not dwell on it any longer. But to say that I do not see any reason for Femi Gbajabiamila to carry him beards to that place, it is humiliating.

We should deal with the situation off-site – impose sanctions. Abi is it that bad, that we cannot impose sanctions on them? Are we that weak now? Mbok, for me I have called on all my brethren here in Shomolu to impose a total ban on giving business to their prostitutes here in Shomolu and you will see the effects on their Diaspora receipts. You will see, that is how to do things, not our number four citizen jumping on a plane and rushing there like he doesn’t have any better thing to do with his time. Just don’t go and carry COVID-19, better come back and let’s deal with them in a more constructive and structured manner. Ghana, see Ghana o. kai.