From Banking to Politics…Abiru on the Move Again

Polaris GMD's Photo

Vision with means is a dependably handy thing. Where others—who have little or no foresight—may reach the end of their means and find themselves lost, others might run the length of their aspirations and—destitute of resources—collapse. Not Tokunbo Abiru.
After dominating in the banking industry for camel and donkey years, Abiru has reportedly transferred his passion to politics, to the stupefaction and surprise of many.

When the now-defunct Skye Bank was running on its last legs, weighed down by debts and gasping with strands of breath, the common belief was that it was the end of another banking establishment. And then Tokunbo Abiru came along, helped to tweak the whiskers of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), dragged Skye Bank out of obscurity, and transformed it into the renowned Polaris Bank of present-day. And now, Abiru is reportedly leaving Polaris and moving onto politics.

Of course, Abiru’s two-year tenure will actually end on August 31, 2020. That is no surprise or loss, considering that this is his second time occupying the MD/CEO position. However, he has reportedly stated that he will immediately join the banner of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to win the available Lagos East District senatorial seat.

Recall that the empty senatorial seat used to be occupied by the late Bayo Oshinowo who passed away on June 15, 2020. Since Oshinowo was a member of the APC, it has fallen to the party to have someone else man the senatorial position. Reportedly, Tokunbo Abiru is this someone. Considering Abiru’s accomplishments in banking leadership and management, the decision is understandable.

Abiru himself reportedly explained how his administration improved on the lot of Polaris since he took over as Group Managing Director in 2016. According to him, with the support of the Polaris Board of Executives and staff, he has been able to deliver on the mandate of the CBN upon assuming office and influenced such milestones as the refreshment of the bank’s IT infrastructure and upgrade of the bank’s digital platform and data centres.

In other words, Abiru is set to bring the winds of positive change to Lagos East District, if given the opportunity. Come October 31, the soundness of Abiru’s decision will be clear.