For Abisola Kola-Daisi, Fatima Ganduje Good Times Are Back

Abisola Kola-Daisi, Fatima Ganduje

Death, it is said, is no different from a vagrant farm worker who leaves the weeds to grow and cuts down the best crops. When former Oyo State Governor Abiola Ajimobi fell to death’s sickle, lamentations were raised to the heavens and wishes were buried into the cold earth. Apparently, Ajimobi’s bones and natural intention of longer life were not the only things laid to rest—but also the quarrel between his daughter and daughter-in-law.

Abisola Kola-Daisi and Fatima Ganduje-Ajimobi have reportedly set aside their differences and resolved to make best friends with each other. This new development is coming months after the rumour of animosity between them began making the rounds. Needless to say, a friend is better than an enemy, and the seeds of amity and affection much preferred to those of hatred and malice. So, the gist is very welcome.

According to insiders on the matter, the reunion of Abiola Kola-Daisi and Fatima Ganduje-Ajimobi came about immediately after the burial of Abiola Ajimobi. Ever since, it is reported, Kola-Daisi has made a habit of furnishing the wardrobes and jewel boxes of her sister-in-law with the best items that money can buy. Of course, no one is happier about this than Fatima’s husband and Abiola’s brother, Idris Ajimobi.

Recall that the tiff between Abiola Kola-Daisi and Fatima Ganduje-Ajimobi began shortly after the latter married into the Ajimobi clan. Among the many purported sources of the alleged malice, it was reported that Abiola didn’t think that Fatima was deserving of her golden brother, and the new bride did not exactly care for the opinions of her sister-in-law. Since a monkey only reigns supreme on a mountain without a tiger, sparks flew every time they crossed paths.

The fact that both ladies are empresses in their spheres of influence did not help matters. In fact, considering the similarities in temperament and upbringing, it was speculated that both Lady Abisola and Lady Fatima will always interact within two extremes—as best friends or fierce enemies. Thankfully, the former is the new reality.
All is well between the two now, to the relief of those related to them.