Data Centre Will Have Huge Market Share in Nigeria’s ICT Space, Says CWG


Owner of one of Nigeria’s Tier 3 Data Centre, CWG Plc has predicted that unlike in the early 2000s, the business of Data Centre will continue to experience huge market share in Nigeria’s Information and Communications Technology space.

According to CWG, Data Centreis presently transforming several sectors of Nigeria’s economy including banking, telecommunication, broadcasting, manufacturing, aviation, and even public sectors.

Data Centre Manager at CWG, Olatunji Aduloju, who gave the prediction during a recent Zoom video conference, said: “There is a commendable market share that local Data Centres drive in Nigeria, and we have seen the numbers keep growing exponentially over the years. Data Centre are now the heart of businesses everywhere in the world. In the last 15 years in Nigeria, we have seen how Data Centres have helped in the transformation of the banking, telecommunication, broadcasting, manufacturing, aviation and even public sectors.”

Rating the CWG Data Centre – considering the advocacy for local hosting of content and availability of other Tier 3 Data Centres in Nigeria, Aduloju boasted that the CWG Data Center remained one of the best in terms of delivering quality hosting and colocation services out of Africa. He disclosed that the Data Centre houses are teleports that deliver both data and broadcast services.

“Apart from housing a teleport, our facility is equipped with full redundancies to guarantee tier 3 target availability and reliability as well as having well-trained staff, proper documentation and operational procedures” he added.

According to him, the beauty about the CWG’s Data Centre is the proximity to different experts, who are always at the center of its customer’s business growth, explaining that CWG does not just deliver services, it listens to customer’s problems, proffer the best solutions and help them actualize it.

In terms of security, which many Nigerians have cited for hosting contents abroad, Aduloju argued that Data Centre security remained critical, stressing that it begins at the organisational level, and that at CWG, they do not only develop security systems, policies and procedures based on Information Security Management Standards, it is also certified to ISO 27001 standard.

“We have Physical Security, IT Infrastructure Security and Environmental Security measures against threat to resources, sensitive information and optimum operation of our Data Center. We also ensure regular personnel training and frequent audits and testing of the security & control systems,” Aduloju assured.