New Research Identifies Key Metrics to Explore E-mail Marketing


By Raheem Akingbolu

The 2020 edition of ‘Banking Report: How Nigeria reads Emails,’ a research compiled by the Netcore Solutions, a global marketing technology company, has highlighted the key metrics that brands should track to get the best out of their customer emails. The email channel was said to have played a major role in 2019 as over two billion emails were sent out from the platform in Africa alone.

According to the Client Success Manager of the company, Chukwudi Nwokike, the urgent need for Nigerians to deepen their understanding the place of email marketing in today’s business environment informed the research.

He said: “In Nigeria, there is a growing need by organisations and brands to communicate with customers via emails because, unlike traditional marketing and texts, a clearer and more specific message can be disseminated directly to the target audience on their devices. The beauty of emails is that there are integrations and tools put in place to seamlessly track customer engagement through open and click rates.”

The report highlighted important metrics that were reviewed and used as a yardstick for monitoring the email behaviour in Nigeria, including but not limited to exclamation marks, question marks, subject line length, and others.

It also pointed out the two important metrics which brands should take cognizance of before sending out emails to prospects and customers. They are open rates and click rates.

“Why do people open emails? It is an important question of relevance every brand must understand before sending out emails. In this comprehensive report, one billion emails are analysed in various ways which matter to businesses and user behaviors, including the subject line in emails, the category of emails sent, the best day of the week to send out emails and the best time to have emails sent out to the target audience which will, in turn, boost the open and click rates,” it stated.

According to Regional VP – Africa, Nisham Chhabra, “We at Netcore solutions value every business relationship and we are dedicated to help our clients succeed by leveraging data and technology. By helping clients globally create one-on-one customer experience across multiple channels, we are revolutionising customer communication.

“With over one billion emails sent out in 2019, the 2020 banking report notes that over 20 per cent of emails are opened on Saturday and emails have the highest engagement from customers on Wednesday and Saturday. Automated emails are gradually gaining prominence and this is explained in the 2020 Report. The benefit attached to automated email is that it increased the rate of emails opened significantly”, the firm noted

The banking report further revealed that unsubscribe rates were highest for brands who sent 0-4 emails in a week noting that this explains why brands lose their contacts to unsubscribes. The report further highlighted measures brands can put in place to ensure the unsubscribes become as minimal as possible.