Group Threatens to Recall House Member over Siting of Polytechnic


By Chinedu Eze

The Conference of Concerned Constituents (CCC) for Shendam/Quanpaan/Mikang federal constituency of Plateau State has threatened to initiate the recall of the member representing the federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Alphonsus Komsol Longgap.

Their grouse was that Longgap allegedly failed to attract the siting of the proposed Federal Polytechnic in the constituency.

A statement that was signed by the Chairman of the CCC, Mr. Shalwus K. Lucas, and its Public Relations Officer Mr. Peter Maishik, said that the last week’s resolution of the House of Representatives for the establishment of the proposed federal polytechnic at Zandi in Jos East Local Government Area of Plateau State came as a shock to them.

The group expressed disappointment over what it described as Longgap’s failure to defend the interest of the constituency when the matter was being discussed in the House.

The concerned constituents said that they were compelled to raise their voices against Longgap due to his refusal to either counter the motion or issue a reassuring press statement stating his position on the matter after the House resolution.

“We recall how, sometime in April 2020, he had issued some online statements clarifying his role in the face-off between the management of the University of Jos and the Federal Character Committee of the House of Representatives.

“His refusal to do same in a matter which directly affects his federal constituency signals a grand conspiracy,” the group stated.

The concerned members of the constituency alleged that their representative might have chosen to maintain a “loud silence and look the other way throughout the whole debate, to compromise the desire of his constituency,”

The CCC said that as a group of citizens who are demanding for good governance, they owe it as a duty to raise their voices against what they perceived to be poor performance and demanded explanations from Longgap on his role on the Federal Polytechnic Bill in favour of Zandi.

They said that the absence of a convincing explanation would leave them without any other option than to commence the process for Longgap’s recall from the House.

“Already a series of consultations with fellow constituents across the board is on-going, preparatory to the exercise of our constitutional right of recall as stipulated in Section 69 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

“This is part of our effort to rid ourselves of bad representation especially by our serving Member of the House of Representatives,” the group stated.

The CCC, however, urged members of the constituency to remain “steadfast and resilient in this noble struggle.”