Omoyele Sowore

Loud Whispers with Joseph Edgar

This my brother no dey hear word o. I hear that he narrowly escaped arrest a few days ago following the #Revolution protest they allegedly called.

I must say I admire his courage sha coming out again after they tried to remove his head from his shoulders. You see, all these tiny attempts are but a mild irritation in the buttocks of our oppressors. They are but a tiny ‘craw craw’ that they just scratch and move on.

The moment we come to the realization that we need a holistic approach, starting from thought processes through massive sensitization and leveraging the same system that threw them up to engage and wrest power from them, the better for us. See what has happened at the NBA, that is what I am talking about. Olu and co did not go to the main road and be shouting solidarity forever like hungry campus activists.

They took a decisive step, strategized using the power of the bottom table of lawyers to upturn the cart. With over 60 percent of our population below 40, why can’t we do the same and upturn the electoral process? All this Ikeja bus stop activism will not do anything my brother, na big joke.

But wait, wetin even dey this Ikeja wey every time na there you go dey do your own activism? Abi is there any ashewo joint of interest there? Link your brother oh!