Will President Donald Trump of the US nuke Iran if Iran decimates a US 5th Fleet Central Command’s Carrier Strike Force (CSF) by a barrage of missiles launched from underground silos concealed in the desert plateau of central Iran? Recall that a CSF like the Nimitz-class carrier flagship and escort ships sail off to sea and probable mission with about 7,500 sailors and airmen. But that armada is one lumbering target for a barrage of killer missiles, and destroying a CSF can cause great consternation in the US during an election year. But if a desperate Iran hits a CSF real hard, will the sitting US prez request for the nuclear suitcase? It can be sometimes difficult to gauge the mood of America because this is one country that mixes military bravado (they call it “deterrence” over there) with extreme compassion in equal measure. If not America, where else in the world will a country take in Muslim Somalia migrants and mix them up with “pure white”

Christian Protestants in the states of Minneapolis and Utah and watch these Somali Muslim migrants and their offspring gradually radicalise and begin to negatively influence the local communities that provided succour for them in the first place? One of those communities has produced Ihlan Omar who is now a pain to Donald Trump and the Republican Party and American Christian values. Amazingly, as Iran threatens America and Israel with military attacks there are Americans like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden who really love Iran and still want to get serious with Iran. Strange people, strange place, that Am’rica of far yonder west.

Sunday Adole Jonah,

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State