Eatrich Farms Introduces New Investment Initiative for Nigerians


By Peter Uzoho

Agribusiness firm, Eatrich Farms, has rolled out a new investment platform, ‘Green Africa Project (GAP).’

The Chief Executive Officer, Eatrich Farms, Mr. Sam Afolabi, disclosed this in a statement, explaining that, ”GAP is one of many projects handled by Eatrich Farms to further its goal of feeding the future with freshness”.

Afolabi said the company created the project to maximise investment and minimise risk, with the end goal of improving socio-economic situations through agriculture.

He stated: “We have compartmentalised the GAP city into three different phases based on its well worked-out plan for each year. The phase one focuses on Fish Farm, phase two on chicken and turkey farm (livestock), and phase three on pig farm.

“Other investment channels with the company are the maize farm and the sold-out commercial-scale feed mill, among others. But the fish farm is currently active and open to investors/partners.”

According to Afolabi, a fish farm will be set up for an individual with a one-time investment of N9.5 million.

He explained further that, “Each investor has nine ponds, and each pond has 800 fishes. Invariably, you’re going to have 7,200 fishes at harvest. With a one-time investment of N9.5 million, you’re going to be earning N2 million every year for 20 years.”

On business security, the CEO said investments with Eatrich were insured by Leadway Assurance and projects would be handled by personnel that have requisite skills and cognate experience.

Afolabi added: ”GAP investment is smart, safe, and profitable. Eatrich is a company that puts its investors/partner at its core. In the last four years, the company has remained committed to not just satisfying investors/partners but amazing them.”

Through experience garnered in every facet of the agriculture value chain, Eatrich has positioned itself as an agro company of choice for Nigerians seeking a reliable, secure and profitable investment platform.

The company bridges the gap between serious but busy investors/partners and their desired investment in agro space.