LearnDeck Launches Digital Educational Platform


By Dike Onwuamaeze

LearnDeck, a learning management system that would enable seamless virtual learning and ensure the continuation of education at all levels in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic disease, has been launched into the Nigerian market.

The LearnDeck Limited Product Manager, Ms. Emmanuella Ladipo, said the platform would alter Nigerians’ perception that the only place teaching and learning could take place was inside the classroom at a particular time frame and requirement of physical presence and tedious routines.

The platform, according to Ladipo, would provide virtual structure for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions and enable educators/entrepreneurs to create and sell their online courses.

She noted that the restriction of movement and shutdown of schools that resulted due to the pandemic had led most educators across educational institutions, training institutions to halt the teaching and learning process in Nigeria and most parts of the world.

“Some educators are struggling to adapt to this new reality, using available instant messaging and video conferencing applications to teach their students. This has had numerous limitations as it has proven difficult for the students to follow and has made tracking progress and carrying out assessments strenuous.

“But the newly launched platform, The LearnDeck, seems to have erased all these limitations as it allows educators to customise, deploy and track curriculum, assess their students learning and monitor their development.

“It also allows for multimedia content including video, text, mp3 and other learning content format, all without geographical limitations,” she said.

Other features of the LearnDeck, according to her, also included course management, streamlined learning path, inbuilt assessment tools, community integration, reports and analytics.

Commenting on the LearnDeck, the Principal of SmartFleet International Schools, Lagos, Mr. George Onigbinde, said: “This kind of platform will help us grow. We will be able to track every single student and monitor their progress on the system even though our doors are locked. It will also reduce the workload on our teachers and help them prepare their lessons.”

The LearnDeck would help users to create courses in a few clicks on a platform suitable for both sophisticated and aspiring trainers as it is easy to navigate and does not require its users to be tech-savvy to find their way.