Lisa Ogunrobo: Fashion, Style Not the Same


Popular and stunning fashion celebrity and Chief Executive Officer of Abuja-based Melisakim Clothing, Lisa Osarumen Ogunboro, has explained the difference between fashion and style as many have ignorantly used the two together and even believe both are inseparable and the same.

In a recent interview, the mother of one, whose brand is considered to be affordable luxury for the middle class and pure luxury for the rich admitted that the two are intertwined but nonetheless different and confers different realities.

“It can be hard to tell since the terms are often used interchangeably, but there are a few important distinctions. Style refers to a person’s particular way of expressing themselves, whether through clothing, writing or architecture etc. In the fashion world, it’s usually shorthand for personal style, or the way individuals express themselves through aesthetic choices such as their clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and the way they put an outfit together. Fashion on the other hand has to do with new trends. It refers to popular ways of dressing during a specific era. Fashion houses host fashion shows to highlight clothing that express a vision for the future of fashion. Retailers use all that information to sell clothes to the public. A major part of fashion is the way the latest trends are disseminated,” she said.

“For me, I think fashion is a form of saying who you are without having to introduce yourself. The way you appear matters a lot, it can quickly tell someone who you are and your personality, she added. And she believes that beauty, sexiness can be magnified by appropriate fashion sense.

“They all work hand in hand, fashion accentuates these areas in a way that the more fashionable you are brings out the beauty, style and sexiness in you, fashion accentuate them all. For me, less of following trends and knowing what fits the unique me and what I am comfortable in, being stylish in my true self is what defines my sense of style,” she said. Reminiscing about how she started the Melisakim, she said it was mere passion that snowballed into a lifetime calling. She said, “It was during my school days and it was actually for my passion and not about the money then. I have always loved to wear nice clothes and I also wanted women to wear nice clothes too. So, I can’t say it was tough or easy at the beginning because during school days it wasn’t about the money. But now I can say it’s tough, trying to satisfy all customers, updating new pictures, the more your business expand, the more challenges you face, just be positive, I will just advise women out there to pursue their dreams and do what they love.”

“I have always loved fashion. I love to wear nice clothes and carry nice bags. I love fashion. My mom always used to tell me this from when I was a child. I have been wearing heels since I was two year old. I used to wear my mother’s heels,” she said.

Lisa Ogunrobo founded the Melisakim Clothing brand in 2014, then as Pretiwomannn Store in her university days. It was when she married and relocated to Abuja that Melisakim emerged, a name that merges alphabetical characters from her name, her daughter and her husband.

She hails from Oredo local government area of Edo State. She was born November 9, 1992. She attended University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria and bagged a Bachelor’s degree in History and Diplomatic Studies.

She has a strong Instagram presence (@pretiwomann) with over 200,000 followers and currently operates out of her Abuja shop in the Federal Capital Territory.