Sports Alive Partners Dekaizen on Insurance for African Athletes


As sportsmen and stakeholders prepare for the post-Covid19 era, Sports Alive Ltd UK has officially announced a partnership with Nigeria-based Dekaizen Worldwide Limited to bring specialty insurance and promotions to Africa

The partnership is geared towards expanding specialised sports insurance and insured promotions frontiers across Africa.

According to the Chief Task Assigner of Dekaizen Worldwide, Abioye Femi, he described the partnership as a fantastic platform that will bring together two great companies capable of offering African clients a wide range of insurance products and promotional activity.

“This is a wonderful milestone for everybody involved in this project as well as all stakeholders in the sports industry.

“Sports Alive Ltd has been around since 2001 with a deep wealth of experience and rich understanding of the market and managing risk for clients both in the sports world and in the marketing.

“From performance bonus cover for sportspeople to big prize promotions, the partnership is positioned as the go-to people African wide to manage this risks.”

Abioye stressed that plans are afoot in the coming weeks to roll out their products.

“In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out our products and services specifically tailored to service the African market.”

He reasoned that with the growing interest of the world in Africa’s young population and sports professionals, “It is pertinent for their future to be protected with comprehensive insurance packages.”

“We have heard so many sad stories of athletes who suffered career-ending injuries. Some athletes have died in their primes with their family left with nothing. Never again will such happen,” pledged Abioye.

“As a company, we feel these unfortunate cases can be avoided if athletes are properly insured. This is why Sports Alive is partnering Dekaizen Worldwide to make life easier for athletes,” Abioye further noted.

Apart from the insurance products, Sports Alive Ltd and Dekaizen Worldwide will also be launching the ‘Sporttheball’ in Africa where people can win amazing prizes.

“We have tried this in Europe and it’s a huge success. We believe we can bring this to Africa where people have the chances of winning,” he concluded.