Sholaye Jeremi Celebrates Birthday with Thanksgiving…Why He Doesn’t Joke with the Needy

Sholaye Jeremi is by leaps and bounds one of the most accomplished Nigerians of Delta descent. While he has been hailed as a dispenser of goodwill and boons, Jeremi has managed to maintain the reputation and character of a quiet gentleman—every emphasis on the qualitative quiet. While celebrating his Birthday on July the 5th, the Deltan billionaire was just as quiet and philanthropic as he would be any other time of the year.

Sholaye Jeremi’s July 5th Birthday celebration was not a surprise to anyone who knows the man. Rather than make a big deal out of it (which he is able to do on account of his vast assets and vaster associations), Jeremi opted to observe the day with a tranquil thanksgiving service. In addition to this decision to desist from extravagant wining and dining, Jeremi also reportedly instructed his friends and well-meaning business associates to liquidate every gift intended for him, and donate them to the needy and underprivileged.

Of course, those who are intimately familiar with the unconventional dispositions of Sholaye Jeremi were not at all surprised that he would direct the largesse of his corporate confrères to charity. According to these folks, Jeremi is a committed believer in the inherent significance of every individual. Thus, he always allocates a considerable chunk of his wealth to those who cannot fend for themselves. All of these, it is reported, are done without the knowledge of the good folks that flock about him. What is public about Sholaye Jeremi is the span of his affluence and influence and connections in the Nigerian oil and gas sector.

Several folks have commented on the fact that the serene and pious ambience around Jeremi’s Birthday celebration is a far cry from the one he held in his mother’s honour in October of 2019. That Birthday celebration was a party that hosted the likes of James Ibori, Julius Rone, Scott Tommey, and several others with similar sky-high standing. During that party, Jeremi’s wealth was put on display. The display glass cracked when the celebrant, Mrs. Lilian got a car—a 2020 Jaguar XJR—as a Birthday gift from her son.

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