Oladipupo Clement Launches Online Masterclass to Raise 1000 multimillionaires


By Mary Nnah

Oladipupo Clement International has recently launched a Financial Freedom Masterclass aimed at educating and coaching young entrepreneurs and career professionals, on how to achieve financial freedom. The masterclass is part of his life goals to raise 1000 multimillionaires over the next 5 years.

In his online Financial Freedom Masterclass @ www.oladipupoclement.com, Clement and a host of Financial Expert coaches participants on how to create durable wealth. He shares his life stories and experiences on how he arrived here. To him success is a journey and so, he offers practical success tips to guide career professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Masterclass has three broad modules that breaks down very complex principles into easy-to-use tools. All those who complete this class enjoy continued coaching in the Tribe of Wealthy Origin (T.W.O) for a specified period of time.

The online financial freedom masterclass will be accessible to anyone interested in achieving financial freedom. You can register via www.oladipupoclement.com.

Clement is a global investor, trusted wealth creation & retention coach with a career spanning over two decades. He is the convener of the The Global Wealth Summit, The Mega Housing Summit and the Gameplan on radio, which reaches millions of people weekly. He is the chief executive officer of LIFEPAGE Group, a Real Estate Investment Company. He co-founded several other companies within the Construction, and Tech space.