Meet Tasha Amos, the Delta-born Luxury Hairprenuer and Beauty Expert

Tacha Amos

She is creating change and redefining the rules of success. Beautiful and brilliant, Onome Nethasha is creating some magic in the beauty and fashion industry. She is not only on top of her game; she is equally creating a platform for other women to thrive in the beauty products industry.

Famous for her luxury brand, Tasha Collectibles – a brand known for its quality beauty products ranging from human hair and extensions and beauty products. The Delta-born woman of substance has continued to be a blessing to her generation.

Fondly called Tasha, the fashionable young woman has continued to teach powerful lessons in entrepreneurship. She has built for herself a thriving business practically from the scratch. And her success story with the Tasha brand is a testament to her intellectual capabilities. She is an epitome of beauty and brain – a woman who is clearly on the road to greatness.

It’s no shock that her brand is popular on and off social media. She has injected a lot of innovations into how she runs her beauty products business. One of her greatest asset is the integrity. She has a long history of excellence and integrity – she is not into the business solely for profits but her focus is the quality of service and satisfaction of her patrons.

Her strategy has paid off. And she is no doubt one of the most sought-after brands in the industry. She has not compromised on her standard. Her honesty has drawn her to a lot of influential celebrities and powerful society ladies who rely on her beauty products to make fashion statements.

Well-known for her bright personality, Onome has continued to grow in leaps and bounds – she is a renowned ambassador, influencer and a symbol of inspiration to so many other young woman. In spite of her modest achievements, she remains humble.

A woman of pure and true grace, she is surely destined for greatness. And she is definitely on the right track quietly creating some magic in the beauty industry.