Wealthy Men and The Pen


Why Nigerian rich men don’t write books is still a question begging for answers. One among notable factors that contributes to the low poverty rate in America is their wealthy men, whom despite their influence still put pen to paper, writing books that that liberate thoughts and promote entrepreneurship skills among Americans.

Bill Gates, despite being the current second richest man in the Universe, still passes vital message across in his telling books; one among which is BUSINESS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT. The 105-page book spilled the beans on how best to approach entrepreneurship.

How to Win at The Sport of Business, a best-selling book by billionaire Mark Cuba had arrested and allayed the fears of every intending entrepreneurs among Americans, even non-Americans. Also, the impacts of Letter to Shareholders by Warrant Buffet on businessmen and shareholders cannot be written off.

A clear message the above-mentioned billionaires had passed across; that being rich is no obstacle to writing books, especially essential books that will render financial help to average citizens. This is a good message Nigerian rich men should pay attention to.

Imagine if Prince Arthur Eze from the South East writes a book and titled it, ‘My Journey to Stardom’, or Alhaji Aliko Dangote from the North writes a book titled, ‘Crossing the Entrepreneurship Bridge’ or Chief Mike Adenuga from the South West writes a letter to intending (young) businessmen in his book; not only will these books stimulate the entrepreneurial interest of Nigerians, but also they will reduce financial inequalities by liberating the thoughts of Nigerians from the shackles of seeing entrepreneurship as a rocket science.

Many Nigerians will be so eager to buy these books, especially when they know they were written by billionaires and will definitely be of great help. Not only will they (Nigerians) have these books at hand, but also, many copies will be kept in our libraries for book lovers to surf.
––Hashim Yussuf Amao,hashimlegalbard@gmail.com.