That Nigeria May be Great Again

Muhammadu Buhari

Everyday, the patriots are constantly pondering the Nigerian future, by seeking answers to some of the issues that seem to confound her leadership as much as the followership. Recently, at some intellectual engagement, one of the questions that came up had simply queried some of the factors believed to have stymied growth, both deliberately and inadvertently.

One of such issue, for instance, queries the kind of system that demands a university degree for the employment of a civil servant or any other regular job, but merely requests a school leaving certificate for the president of a country, who would in turn dish out orders and formulate policies for the graduates? There’s no way such a system, many reckoned, would do well.

Sadly, this is the paradox of the Nigerian society – a system that relegates its best but elevates the mediocre, including the dregs of the society. The debate on why Nigeria remains where it is now is therefore needless. Although emphasis on certificate is relative, this also belies logic. The answer is, of course, in the question. It’s definitely a system that’s structured to fail ab initio. This is not pessimism; it’s the reality of the Nigerian case!