Ekeoma Anyim Eme Ekeoma: A Shining Diamond at 60 Uwakwe Michael Esse



When Grace Speaks!
Ode to Okenwa Igbere ‘Eludam M’
We often ask, what’s in a name?
The life and times of Ekeoma Anyim Eme Ekeoma provide an insight. My friend for more than 40 years now and still counting, I testify that nothing but grace has spoken for Elder Ekeoma. Plus, he has manifested the meaning of his names in all areas of his life and living!

Ekeoma wasn’t born with any obvious, special, and specific skills, privileges, or advantages.
Only the grace of God and the deep spiritual identity of his parents, the import and meaning of his names that can explain the extraordinary successes and the meteoric and gargantuan rise of this ordinary, rustic boy.
At birth and by divine revelation, he was christened Ekeoma, meaning, good, extraordinary, fruitful, wealthy, prosperous destiny. His first name is the same as his last name. Meaning double anointing, double blessings, double portions, double honours!

His father’s name is Anyim, meaning, big, deep, expansive sea. An ocean. An eternal, limitless and endless supply of living resources in good health.
All these speak to Ekeoma’s enduring and very impressive resources. Eme, his middle name, means doer and that’s why Ekeoma ‘is a talk na do!’ He puts his wallet where his voice is.
Time to marry, he married Ngozi, meaning, additional, blessings! And see how far and well they have come and what they have grown and built together!

Grace speaks and is still speaking for this guy. Ekeoma’s meeting and eventually marrying his wife, Ngozi, was divinely arranged and approved. But that’s a story for another day. And from inception and continuing through the marriage to date. It’s been grace.

Before this eldership reign, Ekeoma and I played hard; we partied hard. We mixed, blended, and trended very well in all social circles. Ekeoma knew the best and trending hangouts, night clubs, casinos. With ears for good music, he knew the best DJs in town. Plus, he considers himself a good stepper (dancer).

Ekeoma taught me a few “social things”. Be it in Igbere through to Owerri, Ile-Ife or Lagos, boy, we sure do have some stories and memories between us. But let’s leave those to where they belong, in the distant past.
My dear friend and brother, I am happy for you and I rejoice and celebrate you and with you on this milestone. Happy 60th birthday Epete gaga!

May the grace of God never cease speaking and manifesting in all you do and all that concerns you.
Happy birthday Elder Ekeoma Anyim Eme Ekeoma!